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Promising Research

Waldenström macroglobulinemia (WM), a rare form of lymphoma, does not have any known cure and only one FDA-approved treatment, making it challenging to treat patients. But with the work being done at UNH, that may one day change.  Researchers have taken the novel approach of targeting specific cell... Read More

Recent Stories

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    - First-Year Mentor Spotlight: Melissa Mullen '21
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  • Julian Maduro ’21
    - Character Counts
    When Julian Maduro ’21 says she grew up around books, she is speaking both figuratively and literally. Read More
  • Sophie Calderwood '22
    - Hey COVID: The Show Went On
    How a theatre major adapted to virtual performing. Read More
  • Hannah Sorensen ’22
    - A Huge Step Forward
    Hannah Sorensen ’22 has been working at Portsmouth Regional Hospital as a phlebotomist for the past two years. The part-time job has her drawing the blood of patients in the... Read More
  • Thomas Gerton '23, biotechnology major, works in the lab at UNH Manchester
    - Millyard Scholar Spotlight
    Thomas Gerton ‘23 shares his experience as a UNH Manchester biotech student and lab intern at Advanced Solutions. Read More
  • Q&A with Tori Wyman ‘21
    - Q&A with Tori Wyman ‘21
    Did you know you would be majoring in business or economics? Had you planned on weaving in a focus on social innovation or sustainability?  Read More
  • Rendering of Health Sciences Simulation Center clinical space
    - Poised for Growth
    UNH's Health Sciences Simulation Center will address the health care workforce shortages in the Granite State. Read More
  • student feeding horses at dusk
    - For The Horses (And The Cows)
    Every morning, the cows are milked at four. Every morning, the horses are fed at five. In the heat and cold. Rain or snow. In a world of health or pandemic. Read More
  • Abigail Chamberlain '20 takes photos of a yacht for her job as operations coordinator for Alfred's Upholstery
    - Boatload of Success
    Abigail Chamberlain ‘20 describes her experience as a business student at UNH Manchester, during which time she landed an internship that led to her career as an operations... Read More
  • Q&A with Geno Miller ‘17
    - Q&A with Geno Miller ‘17
    When you came to UNH had you planned on weaving in a focus on social innovation or sustainability into your major?  Yes, I did. I started my first business when I was 15 years old... Read More