Kiwiberry research and breeding
at the NH Agricultural Experiment Station

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Cold-hardy kiwi vines have been cultivated extensively by gardeners and novel fruit enthusiasts throughout New England since their first introduction from eastern Asia in 1876; but their remarkably flavorful, nutritious, berry-like fruits (“kiwiberries”) remain unfamiliar to most consumers. One reason for this is that, until very recently, the species (
Actinidia arguta) had received virtually no attention by breeding programs committed to developing improved varieties for commercial fruit production. In 2013, a research and breeding program was established at the Woodman Horticultural Research Farm (NH Agricultural Experiment Station) in Durham, NH, to pursue in earnest this opportunity to develop kiwiberries into a novel, high-value horticultural crop for our region’s producers. Due to their general adaptation to our northeast climate, their many marketable traits (including hairless, grape-like skins), and their proven commercial viability demonstrated by a handful of pioneering producers, kiwiberries show enormous potential worthy of investigation. In the spirit of UNH’s land-grant mission, the long-term objective of the NHAES kiwiberry research and breeding program is to realize this potential, creating a new agricultural enterprise to enhance regional farm viability while satisfying consumer demand for high-quality, local produce and value-added products.

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How you can get involved

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With funding from the USDA Rural Business Development Grant program, we are working to develop a business case to support grower decision-making as well as set variety and production system performance goals for the NHAES breeding program. As part of this effort, we are

Seeking experienced kiwiberry growers
(commercial, home-growers, etc.)

to take part in a brief production survey, found here. If you have successfully grown kiwiberries in New England at any scale, either commercially or not, please consider participating and sharing your knowledge. The information gathered via this online survey will be used to help develop a regional kiwiberry production guide.


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If you are interested in kiwiberries, either as a producer, a value-added processer, or simply as a consumer, we warmly welcome you to come to our annual Kiwiberry Fall Field Day, held each September at the NHAES Woodman Horticultural Research Farm in Durham, NH.

Seeking interested kiwiberry growers,
value-added processers, and consumers

The Field Day is a great opportunity to see our work first-hand, to meet like-minded folks, and to taste these delicious berries! Please provide your contact information here, and we will reach out to you once the date of this year’s Field Day is determined. Also be sure to look for us this Fall at a Farmer’s Market near you, as we will be traveling the state conducting consumer preference surveys for this new crop.