UNH IT File Storage Data Classification

UNH IT Data Classification

Data Classification

For more information please see the USNH Data Classification Model at http://www.usnh.edu/olpm/USY/VI.Prop/F.htm#6.
If you have questions, please contact UNH IT Information Security Services at https://td.unh.edu/TDClient/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=172 

UNH IT Storage Offerings

   Box @ UNH  UNH IT File Shares (Filestore) ISS VanDyke Solution SharePoint (On Premises, Share.unh.edu) SharePoint Online/OneDrive for Business (Office 365)  ApplicationXtender
What is it? High capacity, cloud storage and collaboration, accessible anywhere. Excellent for internal & external file sharing and online backups. Box is appropriate for most file sharing, collaboration, and storage needs. Windows based file sharing hosted by UNH IT for file storage. Most data stored on current UNH IT file shares can be migrated to Box. We are in the process of transitioning the majority of this service to Box.  Intended primarily for storage of legally protected and/or highly sensitive data. Please contact UNH ISS to determine if this solution is appropriate for your data storage need.  Use SharePoint to engage with employees, share ideas. Centrally access and collaborate on documents.  Office 365 provides highly collaborative, flexible, and secure services such as SharePoint Online, Teams, and Office 365 Groups for a multitude of uses. Imaged paper and electronic documents that can be identified with an ID and accessed via Banner 
Who can use it? Students, Faculty, and Staff  Faculty and Staff Faculty and Staff Faculty and Staff Students, Faculty, and Staff Faculty and Staff
Data Classification          
 Cost  Free Free and paid  Free/required*  Free Free Free
 Quota  Unlimited  10GB group  50GB+ 2GB 1TB personal, Unlimited group Unlimited
Web Interface  Yes No Yes (VPN required) Yes (VPN required) Yes Yes (VPN required)
Mobile Access  Yes No No Web-only Yes  No
Collaboration Options   Internal and external audiences  No No Internal audiences Internal and external audiences No
Online viewing and editing   Yes  No No  Both (VPN required) Yes Documents can be viewed through ApplicationXtender and Banner.  Edits can occur using annotations and redactions as well as page versioning.
Project Page https://unh.box.com No No https://share.unh.edu https://www.office.com No
Notes *Box @ UNH is approved for all data types except covered medical data (ePHI) and credit card data (PCI). PII and SSNs are appropriate for Box.   Required for covered medical data (ePHI). Please contact UNH IT Information Security Services for assistance regarding credit card data.   *Office 365 is approved for all data types except covered medical data (ePHI) and credit card data (PCI). PII and SSNs are appropriate for Office 365. ApplicationXtender has automated retention rules.



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