myCourses - Linking Library Reserves

This article describes the process for linking UNH Library Reserves to a course in myCourses using the native Redirect app. Please note that you are responsible for requesting the desired Reserves through the Library. More information can be found here.

Adding the Redirect App

1. After logging into myCourses, select the desired course, using the "Courses" icon on the left-hand blue-menu bar.

2. Click on "Settings" in the resulting window just to the right of the blue-menu bar.

3. Click on "Apps" (One of the horizontal top tabs in the resulting window.)

4. Click on the Redirect Tool icon which looks like a curly blue arrow (pictured below.) You may have to select "View App Configurations" and "All" if you are not in the default Apps view.

  Redirect app icon

5. Click "Add App" which will appear underneath the Redirect Tool icon.

6. In the resulting pop-up window, change the name to "Library Reserves".

7. Enter the appropriate URL for the Library Reserve you are using.

8. Select "Force open in a new tab (For External Links Only)" and "Show in Course Navigation". When finished, click "Add App".

Editing the App

If you need to edit the app after you have added it, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Apps tab (step 3 above).

2. Click on "View App Configurations".

3. Scroll down to find the App that you named in step 6 above and click on the gear icon to the right of that name and click "edit" in the resulting drop-down box. Edit the App in the resulting "Edit App" window.

Changing the Location of the App

1. Navigate to the Navigation tab (to the left of the Apps tab described in step 3 above).

2. Drag and drop items to reorder them in course navigation or click the gear icon, then click "move" and follow the prompts.




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