myCourses Adding Library Multimedia Resources

This article describes how to link and embed multimedia resources in a myCourses course. If you have requests for videos to go on Library Reserves, please send a request to the Multimedia Desk at More information at

To Link Multimedia

1. From within the desired course, in the course menu select Modules.

2. To create a new page within the desired module:

  1. Click the "plus" icon at the top-right of the module pane.
  2. Select "Content Page" in the resulting window as depicted below. 
  3. Select "New Page" in the window below the drop-down box.
  4. Enter the page Name in the resulting "Page Name" box.
  5. Click "Add Item" at the bottom-right of that window.

3. Back at the Modules page, click on the title of the new page you just created in the modules menu and click "Edit" at the top-right.

4. Type any description you may want in the Rich Content Editor such as "Here is a link to a video named _________." It is a best practice to include contextual information such as the significance of the video to the learning or course objectives.

5. Click the hyperlink icon myCourses hyperlink icon and paste or type the link in the resulting box.

6. Click "Save" at the bottom-right.

To Embed Multimedia

1. Follow steps 1-4 in "To Link Multimedia" above.

(Please note that you can directly embed YouTube content by clicking the YouTube icon in the Rich Content Editor and following the prompts.)

2. Click on "HTML Editor" at the top-right. Place your cursor at the end of the html code and paste the embed code into the window.

html editor

3. Click on "Rich Content Editor" at the top-right to view the video.  You may have to select Save before you see the final video display.

4. Don't forget to click "Save" at the bottom-right.


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