Classroom Audiovisual Assistive Listening Systems/Devices

UNH Audiovisual Services provides Assistive Listening Systems/Devices in large classrooms where audio reinforcement may be necessary for audience members who are hard of hearing.

What are ALSs?

Assistive Listening Systems (ALSs) are sometimes called Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs).  Essentially they are amplifiers that bring sound directly into the ear.  They separate the sounds, particularly speech, that a person wants to hear from background noise.  They improve what is known as the “speech to noise ratio.”

Why Are ALSs Necessary?

Research indicates that people who are hard of hearing require a volume (signal to noise ratio) increase of about 15 to 25 dB in order to achieve the same level of understanding as people with normal hearing.  An ALS allows them to achieve this gain for themselves without making it too loud for everyone else.

(Source: National Association of the Deaf)

How do I use the ALSs?

Retrieve the device from instructor podium or storage cubby. Insert headphone plug into the headphone jack, turn volume dial until device turns on. Adjust volume to comfortable level. When finished, turn volume dial to OFF position.

The exact ALD brand/model in your room may differ slightly from the example above. All function in the same fashion.

Call the Audiovisual Classroom Support Hotline at 603-862-2467 to request new batteries or for assistance using the device.

Which classrooms are equipped with ALSs?

Building Room Number of Devices
Hamilton Smith G34 2
Hamilton Smith 130 4
Hamilton Smith 205 5
Hamilton Smith 210 8
McConnell 240 6
Paul College G75 9
Paul College G25 2
Paul College G45 2
Paul College G59 2
Paul College 115 3
Paul College 125 2
Paul College 135 2
Paul College 165 3
Paul College 175 3
Paul College 185 3
Paul College 205 2
Paul College 215 2
Paul College 225 2
Paul College 235 2
PCAC M223 6
PCAC A218 5
Spaulding 120 11


For more information:

UNH Student Accessibility Services home page:

Accessible UNH home page:



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