DIY Templates

Customize and Order Through UNH Printing Services

Browse through a selection of materials that have been designed to highlight the UNH brand while delivering standard information and messaging. CPA works closely with University Printing Services to create and customize these templates to suit your unique needs and requirements. A number of these materials can be used with the new UNH Celebrate 150 logo, and are indicated as such inside the order form.

* Please note: there is a charge for Printing Services.

Available Template Types

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Build Your Own Branded Materials

Downloadable Templates

Templates to meet your event, advertisement, letterhead and presentational needs.

Photoshop Ad Templates

UNH banner ads for Google & Facebook, plus a full-page print ad template. Requires Adobe Photoshop.

Word Templates

Event & speaker programs, flyers, plus UNH letterhead and fax templates. Requires Microsoft Word.

PowerPoint Templates

Choose from a variety of templates to suit your presentational needs. Requires Microsoft PowerPoint.

Photos and Videos

Click the image below to view a gallery of downloadable images.

UNH Photo Gallery

Login to ResourceSpace for additional high quality images. More photos can be found within UNH's Flickr page.