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The $150K in matching funds has been claimed in record time, but there’s plenty of time left to make a difference to UNH during The (603) Challenge. Bonus challenges can add to your online gift, and your participation counts for everything. How high can the donor count go?

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Underwriters' Club

Thanks to the following donors for making The 603 Challenge possible by providing the pool of $150,000 in matching funds and sponsoring this year’s bonus challenges.

  • Marcy Carsey ’66
  • Birgitte Flanders ’80
  • Bill Johnston P’18 and Leslie Sennott P’18
  • Bryan Merrill ’15
  • J Morgan ’84 and Tara Rutman
  • Craig ’73 and Linda ’71 Rydin
  • Blake ’07 and Allison Skidmore
  • Sharon Sudbay ’80
  • Ken Vivian ’85

The 603 Challenge is an annual fundraising campaign. If you are interested in becoming an underwriter next year or want to learn more about the Underwriters’ Club, please contact the Office of Annual Giving at 603-862-0540 or email us at annual.giving@unh.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions

The 603 Challenge is a chance to make a doubly impactful gift to the area of UNH that means the most to you, thanks to a generous group of underwriters who will match every gift — up to $150 per donor — until the pool of $150,000 in matching funds runs out. In addition, surprise bonus challenges throughout can make your gift go even further. This online–only giving challenge lasts 150 hours, starting June 3 at 12:03 p.m. ET and ends June 9 at 6:03 p.m. ET. Check back often for announcements.

The $150,000 in matching funds for The 603 Challenge were provided by the Underwriters' Club. This group of generous donors believes in the power of giving back to UNH; they made their gifts early and challenge you to join them in providing support for UNH that is both sustaining and transformative.

The 603 Challenge is an annual campaign. If you are interested in becoming an underwriter next year or want to learn more about the Underwriters' Club, please contact the Office of Annual Giving at 603-862-0540 or email us at annual.giving@unh.edu.

Any donor who makes an online gift between 12:03 p.m. ET on June 3 and 6:03 p.m. ET on June 9 will be counted in the donor total for the challenge and will be eligible to receive a match. Note that each gift transaction will only be matched once, up to $150, even if multiple donor names are listed on the gift. In order for each individual donor to receive a match, they must make separate gift transactions.

Matching funds are limited and will be distributed in the order that gifts are received through our online form. Any donor who makes a gift after the funds have run out will be counted in the challenge donor total but will not receive a match. UNH reserves the right to make a final determination on the distribution of matching funds based on online giving transaction data.

Matching funds will be distributed to the designation(s) selected by the donor after the challenge. If a donor gives to multiple designations, their total match ($150 cap) will be distributed proportionally. For example, if a donor makes a total gift of $100 with $25 allocated to each of four different designations, their $100 match would be divided by four, with $25 in matching funds going to each of the same four designations.

If the same donor makes multiple online gift transactions, they will only count as a donor once, but multiple transactions can be matched until the $150 cap per donor is reached. For example, if a donor makes a $50 gift in one transaction and a $100 gift in a separate second transaction, both would be matched as they total $150. But if the second transaction were $200, for example, the donor would only be matched $100 on that second gift since they would have reached their $150 cap.

Rules for all bonus challenges will be included as they are announced.

Yes. As always, we hope you’ll give to the area you believe in most. If you don’t see the program you want to give to listed on the giving form, simply select “other” and write it in — we’ll be sure your gift is designated accordingly.

There are always other ways to give to UNH, but for this specific giving challenge, we are only counting gifts made online during the 150 hours of giving.

If you are interested in making a gift in another way but are unsure how to do so, please contact the Office of Annual Giving at 603-862-0540 or email us at annual.giving@unh.edu.

Making a gift to UNH at any time is an expression of your belief and confidence in the university and helps ensure that Wildcats of today, and tomorrow, have an inspiring, transformative educational experience. During these very special 150 hours, however, your gift can be matched, magnifying its impact. The 603 Challenge also offers you the opportunity to join thousands of alumni and UNH supporters in showing their pride in UNH through a concerted effort to give back. It is also a unique time in the university’s history to celebrate and honor 150 incredible years of UNH.

The amount is entirely up to you! From $6.03 to $603, gifts of any and all sizes are always appreciated, and because the goal of this challenge is maximizing participation, each gift counts the same in our quest to receive gifts from as many donors as possible. Since every donor is eligible for a match (up to $150 each), your gift will increase, no matter how much you give.

Thank you for believing in and celebrating 150 years of UNH with a gift! You can provide even more support on social media. Your voice will help The 603 Challenge be a smashing success. Tag your fellow Wildcats online and encourage them to join you in giving and spreading the word. Be sure to use #UNH603 in your posts and sign up to become a Social Cat so you can win cool prizes while you share and post! 

Absolutely, as always! Please retain the email confirmation your receive after making your gift as your official tax receipt.

Contact the Office of Annual Giving at 603-862-0540 or email us at annual.giving@unh.edu.

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