Services Available

Services Available

1. Alcohol and Other Drugs

Assistance services for students with alcohol and other drug-related prob­lems and support for their friends are coordinated through the Office of Health Education and Promotion, Health Services. Services are provided during regular academic terms. If you are taking drugs or medicine of any kind, don’t drink alcohol. Serious alcohol-drug reactions can occur even with only one or two drinks. If you are taking any medication, check with your health care provider, Health Services, or a local pharmacist before you drink alcohol.

2. Assistance Services

Call 911 for urgent care for someone in crisis from alcohol ingestion or inca­pacitation. Remember, if you are dialing 911 from a cell phone you must give location information and it may take longer than if dialing 911 from a landline phone.

3. Counseling and Intervention Services

Students concerned about their own drinking behavior or other drug use or that of someone close to them, may speak confidentially with an alcohol, tobacco, and other drug educator/counselor. Counseling is provided on a short-term basis; referrals are made to community-based counseling/treat­ment facilities. Call 862-3823 to speak with a licensed alcohol, tobacco and other drug counselor or 862-2090, to speak with a psychologist at the Counseling Center.

Mandated Alcohol and Other Drug Education

Students may be referred to the Office of Health Education and Promo­tion to complete mandated alcohol or other drug education by the Office of Community Standards, or by the local court system. There are two classes offered—one for first offense alcohol and one for first offense drugs. Both classes involve an initial meeting with an alcohol, tobacco and other drug educator/counselor, completion of the appropriate class and a 30-minute exit meeting. Students referred for a second or multiple offenses will meet individually with an alcohol, tobacco and other drug educator/counselor for a minimum of three, one-hour sessions.

Support Groups

The Office of Health Education and Promotion, Health Services, maintains an updated listing of support groups available in the surrounding commu­nities. Call 862-3823 or visit for meeting locations and times.

Education and Consultation

The Office of Health Education and Promotion, Health Services offers a full-range of prevention and intervention opportunities for the UNH Com­munity. The UNH Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Program, offers workshops, trainings and resources to students, faculty and staff on a variety of topics. To find out more see the Office of Health Education and Promotion ­Web site at

Resource Library

A resource library in the UNH Health Services provides information about alcohol, alcoholism, alcohol education, tobacco, other drugs, and other important health issues. It may be used for research, papers, articles, speeches, and personal use.