Requirements for Graduation

06 Requirements for Graduation

06.1(fs) Student Responsibility for Knowledge of Requirements

A student is held responsible for all work required for graduation and for the scheduling of all the necessary courses.

06.2 Requirements

06.21(fs) Academic. To be graduated from the University, a student must obtain a passing grade in a minimum of 128 semester hours; for associate degree graduation, 64 semester hours.

The student must attain a cumulative grade-point average of at least 2.00 for all courses taken at the University in which a grade is given.

The student must also meet the curricular, departmental, scholastic, and other requirements that have been sanctioned by the proper authorities. (See 05.1, 05.2, 05.3.)

06.22(fs) Residence. “Residence” is being enrolled in University of New Hampshire courses after admission to and matriculation in a degree pro­gram. Students who are candidates for bachelor’s and associate degrees must attain the last one-fourth of their credits toward the degree in resi­dence unless granted permission by the Academic Standards and Advising Committee to transfer part of this work from other accredited institutions.

06.23(fs) More than one degree. A student may obtain more than one undergraduate degree, subject to the limitations as stated in the footnote to 06.232(fs), by completing all the curricular, departmental, scholastic, and other requirements for each degree.

06.231(fs) Transfer credit. Transfer credit is awarded for courses that have been completed with a grade of C or better, provided those courses are com­parable to courses offered at the University of New Hampshire.

06.232(fs) Dual degree for transfer students. Transfer students already holding a baccalaureate degree from another accredited institution may pursue an additional dissimilar baccalaureate degree at the University of New Hampshire, provided they fulfill the requirements for the dual degree listed in the undergraduate catalog.9

The degree received at the first institution will be accepted by the University of New Hampshire as awarded by that institution.

06.3(fs) Certification of Candidate for Graduation

Candidates for graduation shall be certified as to their college requirements by the several college faculties to the Registrar, who shall recommend them to the president for their appropriate degrees provided they have satisfied all University requirements for graduation.