Outdoor Assemblies and Events

23 Outdoor Assemblies and Events, Solicitation and Dissemination of Viewpoints in Public Areas on Campus

23.1 Outdoor Assemblies and Events

The following units or groups may hold outdoor assemblies or events: schools and colleges, divisions, departments, or other official administrative (including residential) or service units, recognized employee or student organizations.  Persons or organizations who are not students, faculty, or officials of the University shall not conduct outdoor assemblies or events.  Non-University persons or entities may be invited to campus by a unit of group included above, but must follow all applicable University policies.  The University reserves the right to require the invited individual or group to provide a certificate of insurance evidencing comprehensive liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage of one million dollars prior to the use of any University space.  The sponsoring unit or group shall be responsible for the good conduct of the invited person or organization.   Activities must fall within the designation of education, research, and public service. 

Outdoor assemblies and events may only be held in public areas on the UNH campus.  Public areas on campus are defined as those areas generally open to the public that do not serve a specific educational, administrative, research, health, residential, dining, athletic, or recreational purpose.  Areas on campus not open to public assemblies and events shall include but are not limited to, classroom and laboratory buildings, libraries, dining areas, residence halls, and faculty, staff, or student offices.  The Memorial Union building, the Field House, the Whittemore Center and Cowell Stadium are subject to other rules and are not public areas for the purposes of this rule. 

Outdoor assemblies and events shall not be permitted if they threaten human safety, or if they threaten to disrupt vehicular or pedestrian traffic.  No outdoor assembly or event may interfere with or prevent the use of campus facilities for regular instructional programs or for other scheduled activities.  Barbeques, amplified voices or music (such as a microphone, bullhorns, speakers) or fireworks require a permit and are prohibited during normal class hours (8am until 5pm). 

For reasons of safety, no overnight events will be permitted.  In order to maintain an events calendar that allows for maximum participation by the many groups and units within the University, specific one-time events will be limited to one day, or one evening.  An individual or group may appeal to the Vice President for Finance and Administration or designee for an exception on a case by case basis.  862-2053

A permit form shall be obtained at the UNH Police Department, and filled out by the unit or group sponsoring an outdoor assembly as provided in section 23.41.  Permit forms must be turned in to the UNH Police Department no later than five business days before an event.  862-1427

23.2 Solicitation and Dissemination of Viewpoints

Individual students and non-students who wish to solicit for contributions, distribute literature (including requesting a small fee or voluntary contribution for the literature to defray expenses); and engage in sequential, incidental, brief and transitory verbal interactions with passersby on the sidewalks and in the parking lots on campus must first obtain a permit from the University Of New Hampshire Police Department.  Solicitation and dissemination of viewpoints shall not be permitted if they threaten human safety, or they threaten to disrupt vehicular or pedestrian traffic.  No solicitation or dissemination of viewpoints may interfere with or prevent the use of campus facilities for regular instructional programs or for other scheduled activities.  Amplified voices and/or music (such as microphones, bullhorns, speakers) are prohibited during normal class hours (8 AM until 5 PM) and any signage must be free standing.

The tables in the hallways of the Memorial Union building are reserved for solicitation, distribution of literature and event promotion by recognized student organizations and University departments.  The Memorial Union has established tables in the hallways that may be reserved on a first come basis in the Memorial Union Office.  For reasons of public safety and traffic flow, organizations or individuals shall remain behind the tables and shall not enter the hallways to engage in event promotion, distribution of literature or solicitation. 

University recognized student organizations and University departments may use the designated tables free of charge to raise funds for their organization only if all proceeds go to the sponsoring organization or designated charitable organization. 

In accordance with law and applicable policies, the University may, within reasonable interpretation of its mission, limit the time, place, and manner of solicitation, distribution of literature, and event promotion. 

23.3 Door-to-Door Solicitation

Students or others may not solicit door-to-door in residence halls, and the availability and location of space in buildings must be stipulated by the administrative officer of those buildings.

23.4 Permits for outdoor assemblies and events, solicitation, and distribution of literature

A license/permit shall be required by all students, University units and groups for outdoor assemblies, solicitation, and distribution of literature, and upon approval, shall be issued by the Chief of Police or designee, University of New Hampshire Police Department (862-1427), subject to reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions.

23.41 Outdoor Assemblies and Events.
1. Permitting process

The unit or group seeking to conduct an outdoor assembly or event shall apply to the Chief of the UNH Police Department or designee for a permit on a form provided by the Department. The unit or group shall demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Department that compensation will be made to all servicing departments for all expenses resulting from the outdoor assembly or event, including security, custodial service, traffic control, grounds maintenance, food service, and conference or facility arrangements. See Student Activity Fee Organization for funding options for student organizations. 862-1305.

The unit or group requesting a permit shall provide complete, accurate, and detailed information about the event on the application form. The unit or group requesting a permit shall identify at least one full-time faculty, staff, or student officer to be present at the assembly or event at all times and to be responsible for the conduct of the event.

A permit must be obtained at the UNH Police Department, and filled out by the UNH group sponsoring an outdoor assembly. A permit is also required when having vendors for a function (such as a carnival, fund raiser, etc.), booths, music, fireworks, or a BBQ/fire or non-BBQ gathering. Please refer to Section 24 for more information on commercial activity.

The permit will be evaluated along the following criteria:

  1. Whether campus pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular traffic are not unreasonably impeded and that members of the UNH community who are not participating in the activity may proceed with their normal activities.
  2. Affirm that any and all public address systems to be used conform with all applicable laws and that there will be no interference with any instructional activities or normal operations.
  3. Confirm that public safety and the safety of any participants is addressed to the satisfaction of the UNH Police Department.
  4. Assure that any temporary structures associated with the event are safe, do not interfere with any normal operations, and will be removed promptly (at the conclusion of the scheduled event).
  5. The event cannot render any space unsatisfactory for use in its normal or primary function.

2. Required information:

a.       Name and address of person filing application

b.       Positive form of I.D.

c.       Date of activity

d.       Name and address of person in charge of the activity

e.       Type of activity

f.        Edibles and supplier

g.       Location of activity

h.       Purpose of activity

i.        Type of equipment to be used

j.        If BBQ-type of grill (non-commercial, gas or charcoal), open pit, etc.

3. Clean-up will be done immediately.

As soon as embers or coals have thoroughly cooled, dispose of properly. DO NOT dispose of embers in dumpsters.

Persons using area are also responsible for litter/refuse clean-up of the area, and for any damages incurred while using said area. Persons have the option of either repairing damaged areas themselves with a plant maintenance inspection for satisfaction or to pay for repairs.

4. Signatures required

a.       Captain on staff, Durham Fire Department, 862-1426

b.       Director, Plant Maintenance, Leavitt Center, 862-3936

c.       Chief of UNH Police or designee, 18 Waterworks Way (appropriate forms originate at this location), 862-1427

5. Permit is required for each gathering. Seasonal BBQ/gathering permits are not available.

Note: If the activity is to take place at one of the following locations, appropriate people in addition to the Chief of Police must be notified:

a. Thompson Hall and Great Lawn grounds area: Manager, Grounds and Roads, 862-3518, Office of the President, 862-2450

b. Residence Hall area: Manager, Grounds and Roads, 862-3518; Assistant Director of Residential Life, 862-2268.

Additional signatures may be required for other areas not covered above. Please retain your copy of all of the above permits.

23.5 Distribution of literature on campus

The University of New Hampshire is attempting to control mass distribution of printed material for both energy conservation purposes and campus beautification. The procedures for on-campus and off-campus agencies who wish to mass distribute information are:

a.       Must obtain an application for mass distribution of literature from Chief of UNH Police or designee, 18 Waterworks Way

b.       Must be responsible for clean-up costs that are incurred as a result of mass distributions of literature

c.       Must obtain required signatures:

          (1) Chief of UNH Police or designee, 18 Waterworks Way, 862-1427

          (2) Manager, Grounds and Roads, 862-3518 (for clean up and use of grounds)