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Welcome to the University of New Hampshire
Statement of Shared Civic Commitment
Declaration of Student rights and Rules
Statement of Agreement
Statement of Nondiscrimination

Student Code of Conduct and Conduct Process

Judicial Authority
Proscribed Conduct
Conduct Policies and Administrative Procedures
Discrominatory Harassment Procedures
Interpretation and Revision

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Policies

UNH Alcohol Policy
Parental Notification in Cases of Alcohol or Other Drug Violations/Arrests
Residential Alcohol Policy and Regulations
Greek Policy
UNH Tobacco Policy
Commitment to Helping
Services Available

Academic Policies

Registration and Withdrawal
Attendance and Class Requirements
Academic Requirements
Requirements for Graduation
Grades and Honors
Library Regulations
Academic Honesty

Administrative Policy and Regulations

Affirmative Action and Equity Policies
Financial Responsibilities
Health Services
Residential Rules and Regulations
Dining Hall Policies
University ID Cards
Intercollegiate Athletics
UNH Policy on Scheduling of Games and Practices
Student Organization Recognition Policies
Sport Clubs
Meetings and Speakers
Student Participation in University Committees
Administrative Separation and Procedures for Readmission
Outdoor Assemblies and Events
Commercial Activities on Campus
Motor Vehicles
Health and Safety
Grievance and Complaint Procedures
Appeals Procedures for Graduate Students
Acceptable Use Policy for Information Technology Resources at UNH
UNH Behavioral Intervention Team

The University and Federal, State, and Local Laws

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Alcohol and Illegal Drugs
Annual Campus Crime Report: Safety and Security Information
Sexual Misconduct

Room and Board Agreement

General provision
Use of Dwellings and Grounds
Resident Meal Plans
Dining Hall ID Card Policies
University Housing Community Standards