About Us

The division of Student and Academic Services is comprised of 14 major units and several more smaller (and equally important) units.  We are proud to be able to offer quality service to students in a myriad of different stages of interest and need.  Our division interacts with students long before they get here through the work that our admissions officers do in their recruitment efforts, we have connection during orientation and again in the first year programs as new students get ready to come to unh and then we interact through many of our departments once students are here.  Students work out at Campus Recreation, they stay healthy by visiting Health Services, they find academic resources at the Center for Academic Resources and Disability Resources for Students as well as having access to an on campus police department that will keep our students safe from harm as much as they possibly can.  As you can see, our role is to make sure students who choose to come to UNH have quality opportunities outside the classroom.  If you think there isn't anything to do while you are here, just take a look at the on line calendar for a peek at all that is offered.  http://www.unh.edu/calendar/