Facilities & Administrative Rate

lab equipment

Committee Memberships and Charge

Executive Sponsors: John Aber, Provost and VP for Academic Affairs and Dick Cannon, VP for Finance and Administration

Oversight sponsors; Jan Nisbet, Sr. Vice Provost for Research, Joanna Young, Chief Information Officer

Executive Steering Committee
Charge: To oversee the F&A rate development process, approve expenditures, provide timelines and deadlines, achieve stated goals, education & outreach. Monthly status updates to be provided by project manager.

Core Team Members
Charge: Maximize the F&A rate, comply with A-21 requirements, ensure accurate and efficient data collection and analysis, employ consultant services as needed

Library Subcommittee
Charge: Maximize the library component of the F&A rate, ensure accurate and efficient data collection and allocation of costs to main library and branch libraries.


Library Systems/CIS

Library Administration

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