Budgeting & Financial Planning

Budget and Financial Planning Group Membership

  Jennifer Biron
VPFA office staff member
  Tracy Boyle Facilities
  Kathryn Braun UNH Manchester
  Donna Brownell General Admin & Athletics
  David Browning Sponsored Programs Administration
  Christopher Clement VP Finance & Administration
  Darrel Covell Cooperative Extension
  Robin Crockett College of Life Sciences & Agriculture
  Jo Beth Dudley Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space
  Richard Griffin Information Technology
  Nancy Hamer Academic Affairs, Library, Research, Student & Academic Services
  John LaBonte Peter T. Paul College
  David Matta UNH School of Law
  Leigh Anne Melanson Associate Provost for Academic Administration
  Katherine Roberts College of Engineering & Physical Sciences
  Kerry Scala Chair and VPFA office staff member
  Susan St. Louis College of Liberal Arts
  Michele Stone College of Health & Human Services
  Chris Whalen Business Affairs
  Ceyda Yalcinkaya VPFA office staff member

The meeting agenda, summary and documentation (if available) can be accessed through the BFPG Blackboard Account. Please contact Kerry Scala or Jean Richard with any questions.

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