Working with Video Production Services

What We Do

UNH Video Production creates award-winning videos and video-based presentations. Our staff has extensive experience producing videos for broadcast, DVD, web, social media and institutional use. As part of RCM, UNH Video Production provides services on a discounted fee basis. Most of our services are billed at an hourly rate of $50 per hour. Consultation is always free.

Working with you: The Three Phases of Video Production


Developing the concept for your video or DVD and creating a script or treatment for shooting;


Shooting footage, creating graphics, recording sounds and otherwise creating the raw materials you will take to the final phase;


All the hard work of the first two phases is edited down to the final product then finished to tape, web or DVD.

Planning, Treatment, and Scripting

Please take the time to help us focus your program by providing us with the requested information in this Planning Form. The most effective videos have one primary intent, and are targeted to a specific audience. Our goal at UNH Video Production is for your video to accomplish exactly what you need it to accomplish. With this information, we'll know for certain that we are on the same wavelength.

Creating a video presentation is similar writing a paper. Organization will effectively present your ideas to your audience. Even if you do not have a fully written script for shooting your video, it is vital to have at least an outline of the kinds of ideas and images you need to see in your project. With a good outline keeping the crew in focus during your production (shooting) phase, the finished product will clearly communicate your message to the viewer.

Field Production

This is the part of the process where we finally “roll ‘em”, where "Lights, Camera, Action!" can actually be heard from the crew...well, if you want us to, we will. When you work with us, you are putting our talents and experience behind your production. Whether its news, documentary, sports, promotion or events, we have the expertise to know what shooting style and approach works best.

Post Production - Editing - Graphics

Now that the field production stage is done, it is time to sit down with the raw video and make sense of all the scenes, takes, and cover footage and graphics and mix it all together in the editing process.

UNH Video Production offers industry standard digital non-linear editing, which includes access to a variety of licensed music, closed captioning service and web hosting. We also create graphics and animated sequences and special effects. Full-featured DVD authoring is also available.

Once finished, we can assist you with distribution and packaging.

If you are planning a video or multimedia project, please complete our Pre-Production web form. You can also send us an e-mail or by call 862-1698.