Preparing for the URC

Registration Reminders and New Information for 2015

  • Online Registration for the 2015 URC will remain open until Thursday, March 5, 2015.
  • Students may register for more than one URC event.  Visit Event Descriptions.
  • Limit for a single Team Presentation is 10 students ("Authors"). 
  • Required information for student registration - IT ID, major, class/rank, and home town/home state.

Resources for Students and Faculty

• If you are considering mentoring a student for the URC or are new to the faculty at UNH, review the 2014 Faculty Resource Guide.

• For poster resources, review Poster Presentation Help for helpful guides on creating posters in PowerPoint and printing options.

• For oral presentation resources, visit Oral Presentation Help for assistance.

• Review the student's content, especially before printing the poster or finalizing the PowerPoint presentation.

Invite Colleagues, Encourage Students to Invite Family and Friends

• Send Email Invitations to colleagues, or remind students to invite family and friends.  The electronic invitation lets everyone know when and where students will be presenting their work.

• Remind students to wear appropriate clothing (as if they were attending a job interview), and to arrive EARLY, before the presentation to make sure everything is ready.