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Parents Association Undergraduate Research Symposium, April 23, 2010

Jay Agarwal, SeniorChemistryGonghu Li and Howard Mayne On the Role of Sacrificial Donors in the Catalytic Reduction of CO2 by Ru(II)-Re(I) Supramolecular Complexes
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Elizabeth Aleo, SeniorInternational Affairs & PsychologyLawrence ReardonFrom Tradition to Transition: Spain’s Relationship with the Catholic Church
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Connor Barry, FreshmanEnglish/Journalism and Justice StudiesCord WhitakerDramatic Innovations: Students Present Drama Based on English Literary Classics
Tegiye Birey, SeniorPolitical Science and Women's StudiesMarla BrettschneiderA Feminist Examination of French Immigration Laws
Joseph Cheslock, SeniorManagement & Entrepreneurial Venture Creation Carl Lindblade The Relationship Between Missionary Organizations and Corporate Donors
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Sabrina Clark, Junior
Hope Fortier, Senior
Camille Quarles, Senior
Kelley Stenberg, Senior
CommunicationLawrence PrelliA Problem Without Remedy? Under-aged Drinking at UNH
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Patricia Donahoe, FreshmanInternational Affairs and Political ScienceLawrence ReardonAmerican Missionary Involvement in China
Bridget Farmer, SeniorInternational Affairs and Political ScienceBenjamin ColeFrench Xenophobia Towards Muslims
Andrew Gilbert, SophomoreEnglish/JournalismCord WhitakerDramatic Innovations: Students Present Drama Based on English Literary Classics
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Cassandre Guerra, JuniorZoologyMichelle ScottSocial Intelligence in Asian Elephants Elephas maximusI: Object Choice Tasks
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Teri Hatch, SeniorPolitical ScienceMary MaloneDivorced from the Past? An Analysis of the New Chilean Divorce Law
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Christopher Hoerner, SeniorSocial WorkGretchen BeanWhat's Diversion? New Heights Community Diversion Model
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Darci Jenkins, SeniorPsychology and Justice Studies Michelle Leichtman The Effect of Source Types on Children's Source Monitoring
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Corey Johnson, JuniorBusiness AdministrationCameron WakeReducing Municipal Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Saving Taxpayer Dollars
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Christopher Keeley, SeniorEnvironmental Conservation StudiesSara CleavesThe Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System (STARS)
Kristin Keohan, SeniorInternational Affairs, Math and SpanishBenjamin ColeDevelopment and Neoliberalism in Nicaragua
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Rachel Kralian, SeniorKinesiologyDain LaRocheVisual Acuity, Balance Control and Walking Automaticity in Elderly Women
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Thomas Lamb, JuniorPolitical ScienceLawrence ReardonZhou Enlai and Chinese
John Lennon, JuniorInternational Affairs and SpanishLawrence ReardonChina's Reasoning for Joining the Korean War
Jacqueline Lewis, SeniorPolitical ScienceLawrence ReardonProspects for Peace: Student Perceptions of Transitional Justice in Post-Genocide Rwanda
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Kelly Martell, SeniorSocial WorkRobert JolleyExamining College Students' Attitudes Toward Mental Illness and Help-Seeking Behaviors
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Maureen McHugh, SeniorInternational Affairs and Civil EngineeringLawrence ReardonInfrastructure Differences Between Spain and the United States
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Erica Millet, SeniorKinesiologyDain LaRocheAnkle Strength and Stiffness Predict Range of Motion During Walking in Older Adults
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Aaron Mohammed, SeniorCommunicationMelissa DeemInstitutionalized Homophobia:  Homosexuality in the Realm of Aesthetic Masculinity
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Jocelyn Ouellette, SeniorCommunicationJoshua MeyrowitzItalian-American Stereotypes in Television:  Gangsters, Mothers, Sex Symbols, and Fessos
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Thomas Parisi, SeniorPolitical ScienceDelia Konzett and Susan Siggelakis Persuading and Entertaining the Nation: American Propaganda Films of World War II
Daniel Perrinez, Recent GraduateMarine and Freshwater BiologyIhab FaragLipid Profile of Micro-Algae Used in Biodiesel Production
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Jennifer PoggiCommunicationJennifer BordaPro-Choice vs. Pro-Life:  The Political and Ethical Battle
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Kaitlyn Ramsay, SeniorCommunicationMelissa DeemDeconstructing the Dream: The Impact of Home Ownership Rhetorics in Relation to Race and Class
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Kaitlyn Ramsay, SeniorCommunicationMelissa DeemPerforming Maternity: Limiting the Role of the Individual Woman in Abortion Discourses
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Laura Roach, FreshmanEnvironmental and Resource EconomicsLawrence Reardon Islamic Extremism: Undermining a Fundamentalist Movement in Indonesia
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Kimberly Rogers, SeniorCommunicationMardi KidwellFirst Impressions in Business Settings
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Tanya Rouleau, JuniorPsychology and SociologyDavid PillemerChildren's Use of Autobiographical Memories During Social Problem-solving
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Paige Smith, SeniorOccupational TherapyBarbara WhiteThe Things Kids Do: Exploring Relations Among Occupations, Weight, Stress, and Health
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Courtney Stevens, SeniorPsychologyRebecca WarnerA Day Reconstruction Method of Mood Benefits from Exercise
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Kirsten Striker, SeniorEnglishMartin McKinsey Translating the Poetry of Hans Lodeizen from Dutch to English
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Paula Teichholtz, JuniorMarine and Freshwater BiologyLarry HarrisRecruitment Preferences of Tunicates Settling onto Blue Mussel Shells
Kayla Timmons, SeniorInternational Affairs, Communication, and LinguisticsMelissa DeemIntersexuality in Women's Sports:  The Case of Caster Semenya
Samantha Townsend, SeniorOccupational TherapyLou Ann GriswoldEvaluation of Social Interaction: A Comparison of Social Skills in Children With and Without a Disability
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Danielle Vasan, SeniorInternational Affairs and CommunicationLawrence Reardon Spain and the Bologna Plan: A Modern Day Controversy
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Brittany Weaver, SeniorInternational Affairs and Political Science Lawrence Reardon Italy in Debt
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Sophia Weeks, SeniorInternational Affairs and Political Science Lawrence Reardon Defining Democracy:  Is Cuba a Contender?
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Wegene Wells-BogueInternational Affairs and Political Science Lawrence Reardon The State of Ethnic Federalism in Ethiopia
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Jessica Wilson, SeniorInternational Affairs and Spanish Benjamin Cole and Janet Gold Comparative Analysis of Political Stability in Central America
Evelyn Yuen, SeniorNutritional SciencesJesse MorrillPhysical Activity and Bone Health of College Students
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Winner of the Phi Beta Kappa Research URC Award
Karin Hakala, SeniorSociology and SpanishSharyn PotterThe Implications of Learning English on Family Dynamics Among Hispanic Immigrants
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Winners of the Center for International Education URC awards
Meagan Wengrove, SeniorInternational Affairs and Civil Engineering Lawrence ReardonUpstream to Downstream: Water Quality in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico
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Patrick Cambiasso-Helfer, SeniorInternational Affairs and Business AdministrationLawrence ReardonA History of Angel Groups and Their Impact on European Public Policy
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UNH - Manchester URC Oral Presentation Award Winner, April 20, 2010
Emilea Raymond, JuniorCommunication ArtsVirginia LeverUs versus Them: An Exploration of the Conflict Between Homeschooling and Public Education
UNH - Manchester URC Poster Presentation Award Winner, April 21, 2010
Danielle Beaulieu, JuniorBiologyStephen PughThe Affects of Timber Harvesting on the Massabesic Watershed
UNH - Manchester URC Cinema Arts Award Winners, April 22, 2010
Kevin Mason, JuniorCommunication Arts and Politics & Society Anthony Tenczar A is for Atom
Jacqueline Geisheimer, JuniorCommunication Arts and English Keith ShieldsTarenella: Cinderella X Kill Bill
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UNH - Manchester URC Engineering Technology Senior Project Award Winner, April 23, 2010
Gregory Riccio, SeniorMechanical Engineering TechnologyRalph DraperWelding Analysis of Hairpin Lines 2 and 3
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UNH - Manchester URC Honorable Mention, April 20-23, 2010
Selena Lucent, SeniorPolitics & Society and HistoryMichael Contarino and Melinda Negron-GonzalesStopping the Killing:  The International Criminal Court and Juridical Determination of the Responsibility to Protect
Karen Handley, SeniorBiology and Computer Information SystemsLorraine DoucetWater Filter Microbiology
RJ Murphy, SeniorCommunication Arts Anthony Tenczar Beneath The Sinews
David Klein, SophomoreCommunication Arts Anthony Tenczar The Iron Maiden
Thompson School of Applied Sciences - Community Leadership Program, April 21, 2010
Blair Heinrich, FreshmanCommunity LeadershipKate HansonHaiti Relief - World Concern
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Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Symposium, April 21, 2010
Joshua Allen, Senior
Todd Ferrell, Senior
Andrew Goodale, Senior
David Iani, Senior
Jonathon Kasper, Senior
Nicholas LaRue, Senior
Ryan Malynn, Senior
Joseph Muller, Senior
Daniel Place, Senior
Frank Radlof, Senior
Thomas Raffelt, Senior
Shawn Savela, Senior
Eric Szumiesz, Senior
Bradley Turner, Senior
Craig Weeden, Senior
Mechanical Engineering Robert Jerard (CEPS Award)Society of Automotive Engineers - Mini Baja
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Jacqueline Amante, Sophomore
Allison Konkowsi, Sophomore
Katie Kozacka, Freshman
Adrien Miller, Senior
Riley Nolan, Senior
Environmental Conservation Studies
General Biology
Wildlife Ecology
General Biology
James Haney
(COLSA Award)
Are Cyanobacteria Toxins Present in Fish Tissue During Winter?
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Kaitlyn Dugan, JuniorChemistryGary Weisman and Edward Wong
(EOS Award)
Synthetic Modifications in the Preparation of Cross-bridged Tetraamines for Radiopharmaceutical Applications
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Ryan Lashin, Senior
Peter Lorenz, Senior
Electrical EngineeringNicholas Kirsch
(Parents Association Award)
Audible Tone Reproduction Via High-Voltage Arc Gap
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Amadin OsagiedeCivil EngineeringRicardo Medina
(CEPS Alumni Society Award)
Influence of Aftershocks on Non-Linear Seismic Response of Non-deteriorating SDOF Systems
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Lee Peterson, SeniorPhysicsHarald Kucharek and Eberhard Moebius
(NH Space Grant Award)
Detecting Neon in the Interstellar Flow With IBEX-Lo
Kent WalkerCivil EngineeringThomas Ballestero
(Environmental Research Group Award)
Stormwater Management: The Relationship Between Storm Characteristics and Pollutant Removal
College of Health and Human Services Grimes Undergraduate Research Competition, Co-recipients, April 23, 2010
Meaghan McCusker, SeniorHealth Management and Policy & Women's Studies Robert McGrathA Closer Look: The Relationship between Sexual Assault and Alcohol among New Hampshire College Students
Erica Millett, SeniorKinesiologyDain LaRocheAnkle Strength and Stiffness Predict Range of Motion During Walking in Older Adults
Whittemore School of Business and Economics, Holloway Competition 1st place winner, May 12, 2010
Iulia Barbu, PhD Candidate
Keith Teeter, MBA Candidate
Civil Engineering
Business Administration
Juan FlorinLiving Waters, Inc.
Whittemore School of Business and Economics, Holloway Competition 2nd place winner
Ming Cao, PhD Candidate
John Driscoll, MA Candidate
Matthew Ray Smith, Recent MBA Graduate
Material Science
Business Administration
Juan FlorinStarching, Inc.
Whittemore School of Business and Economics, Holloway Competition 3rd place winner
Jay Janardham, MBA CandidateBusiness AdministrationJuan FlorinProximity Devices
Whittemore School of Business and Economics, Holloway Competition Runner Up
Kasey Child, SeniorEntrepreneurial Venture CreationDevkamal DuttaThe Green Fire Recovery Act
Whittemore School of Business and Economics, Holloway Competition Runner Up
Mark Bedard, JuniorManagementM. Bilur AkdenizHocopoco
Whittemore School of Business and Economics, Holloway Competition, Runner Up PixelMEDIA Award
Timothy Allison, MBA CandidateBusiness AdministrationJuan FlorinLuna Organics
Whittemore School of Business and Economics, Holloway Competition, Charles & Mariam Nelson Best Poster Award Winner
Michael Glynn, Senior
Marcel Kozlowski, Senior
Alexander Waitner, Senior
Kent Walker, Senior
Management and Entrepreneurial Venture Creation
Civil Engineering
Entrepreneurial Venture Creation
Jeffrey Sohl and Kevin GardnerEarthly Solutions