Workplace Safety and Tips

A Message to University Employees

The University Police Department is dedicated to maintaining the campus as a safe and pleasant place to work, live and study. The Department is charged with the protection of life and property and the prevention and detection of crime on the campus. (Vitally concerned with human life and property, the members of the Police Department both enforce the laws of the State of New Hampshire and the regulations of the University.)

As members of the University Community, you can help prevent crime by following the the suggestions below.

Tips for the Safety and Protection of Personal and University-Owned Property:

  1. Record serial numbers, model numbers, brand names and descriptions of valuables which are kept in your office; keep a duplicate copy of this information in a different location.
  2. Never leave a wallet or purse lying out on top of your desk. Place it in a drawer or somewhere out of sight. If you are leaving the room, lock this drawer. It takes only about eight seconds for someone to walk into a room and take something.
  3. Leave large sums of money home or in a safe place. DO NOT bring them to work with you each day.
  4. Require photo identification and authorization from "repairmen" wanting to remove a piece of equipment from your office for servicing.
  5. Notify your supervisor of anyone acting suspiciously or contact the UNH Police Department at 862-1427.
  6. Never loan equipment or keys to strangers. Even if you know the borrower, it is best to accompany him or her with the necessary keys. Remember that they are YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.
  7. When leaving your office for the day, make sure: all windows are locked and correctly closed; all valuables are removed form the desk tops and locked away; all desks and files are locked; all doors and closed and locked, including outside entrances.
  8. NEVER PROP OPEN A DOOR for anyone. If you are working late with someone, set a time to meet that person at the entrance to let him or her into the building.
  9. Remove any identification tags from key rings. That way if they are lost or stolen, they cannot be associated with your office.
  10. Do not label keys with which door or lock they open. If necessary, color code the key to remind yourself which door or lock they fit.
  11. Report all locks, windows, doors and lights in need of repair to the appropriate people. These are all vital parts to office security.
  12. If you witness or are a victim of a crime, no matter how small, report it immediately to the University Police. Unreported crimes cannot be solved.
  13. Review and share this information with co-workers, especially new or transferring employees.

If you or your office would like more information on office crime prevention, please contact the University Crime Prevention Unit at 862-1427.

Personal Safety Tips:

  1. NEVER WALK ALONE, especially at night. Call 862-1427 at any time for an escort from one part of campus to another if personal safety is a concern.
  2. If you decide to walk alone at night, walk where there is plenty of light and traffic, avoiding empty and dark areas. Avoid walking alone WHENEVER POSSIBLE.
  3. Report ALL STRANGERS loitering in buildings or parking areas to the University police at 862-1427.
  4. Stay near people. Avoid shortcuts through empty lots, or unlit areas.
  5. DO NOT attempt to confront or restrain a suspicious person, but report them immediately to the University Police.
  6. When returning to your home or car, have your keys ready before you get to the door.
  7. If you fear you are in danger, yell "FIRE!" This will get more attention than yelling "HELP!"
  8. Do not hitchhike or pick up hitchhikers.
  9. Be security and safety conscious at all times.
  10. Don't subscribe to the "It will never happen to me" attitude.