Bicycle Safety and Tips

Top 10 Bicycle Safety Tips!

  1. Wear a Helmet.
  2. Wear light colored clothing.
  3. Have reflectors on your bike.
  4. Use lights for night cycling.
  5. Ride single file.
  6. Don't carry bulky packages.
  7. Don't carry passengers.
  8. Keep bicycle in good operating condition.
  9. Always assume that cars don't see you.
  10. Use good hand signals.

Bicycle Theft

Theft is on the rise everywhere in the United States and it is reaching record proportions at UNH. The University Police are doing everything that they can to help protect your valuable investment, but there are some things that you need to do to help us.

The Number One thing that you can do to protect your bicycle from theft is to LOCK IT UP. Bringing it inside or just leaving it for a minute while you run inside is likely to cost you your bicycle.

Use a quality lock. Unfortunately thieves are getting smarter and any old lock is not enough. University Police recommend U-Locks similar to the one shown. Note that the unlocked portion of the lock has a bend in it to prevent the use of prying tools. This is a valuable addition to the lock and is not used on all U-Lock systems. The extra money spent in a good lock could save you hundreds of dollars in your investment