Asian Americans in New England: Culture and Community


Program Description:

This presentation, based on Chiu's book of the same name, explores 19th century Chinese American friendship albums, Japanese American acrobats, the 20th century influence of Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts on regional and national Asian arts collections, contemporary Vietnamese American community art, and the construction of Asian Indians and religion in New England, among other topics. Chiu says “If we look back to the region’s reception of ‘Orientals’ at the turn into the 20th century, we find curious New England audiences intrigued and surprised by Asian visitors, many of whom had never seen Asians before. Their reception and visibility afford us a window into understanding what political, economic, and social practices influenced New Englanders’ acceptance or rejection of Asian visitors and later second-generation Asian Americans and Asian refugees. What Asian Americans in New England created from that reception, as well as from their own creative integration into regional citizenship, are artistic and cultural legacies .”


Monica Chiu

Monica Chiu is an associate professor of English and interim director of the honors program at the University of New Hampshire. Her research interests include Asian American literature, criticism, film, and twentieth-century American literature.

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