Another Prehistoric Creature: The Marine Hagfish


Program Description:

Hagfish is a basal group of fish with ancient lineage that raises interesting questions on the evolution of reproduction and reproductive physiology in vertebrates. They are the only animals which have a skull but not a vertebral column. This presentation will cover some of the basic information on hagfish, as well as their role in research being done on reproductive physiology. (may include information about the hagfish fisheries if so desired)


Stacia Sower

Stacia Sower, Ph.D., Oregon State U., is the Director of the Center for Molecular and Comparative Endocrinology, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and the director of the Anadromous Fish and Aquatic Invertebrate Research Laboratory at the University of New Hampshire. Her primary area of research concerns biomedical endocrinology, structure and function of brain hormones in mediating reproductive processes in freshwater and marine fish and endocrine disrupting hormones.

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