NH Poetry and Fiction


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New Hampshire's woods are full of writers and we have had a more than fair share of US Laureates. NH"s first poet laureate was Robert Frost in the 1950"s. Since the 1980's we have had three more, two of them, Hall and Simic since 2000. This presentation will focus on the work of these three writers, who write memoir and fiction, in addition to poetry, as well as what they accomplished as US Laureates.


Deborah Brown

Professor Brown has been teaching literature, writing, and poetry for over twenty years. She is currently a professor at the University of New Hampshire Manchester. Professor Brown specializes in American literature, women's literature and poetry. She teaches workshop in writing poetry,fiction, creative nonfiction, as well as courses in 19th and 20th century American literature. Her poems and essays have appeared in many journals, and her book of poems, "Walking the Dog's Shadow," recently won the A. Poulin Jr. Award from BOA Editions and will be published by them early in 2011.(*M)

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