Chasing the Elusive, Evolving Consumer


Program Description:

Today's consumer is more mobile, busier, and less connected to traditional media than ever. Learn how the big marketers are reaching them in this fragmenting landscape. We'll include the major role that the Super Bowl, American Idol and similar events still play as one of the few integrating, bonding media experiences remaining in American life.


William Troy

Bill Troy is a lecturer in business at the University of New Hampshire Manchester. His primary areas of course development and teaching include marketing, marketing communications, e-commerce, services marketing, selling/ sales management, senior seminar, and economics. He also is the supervisor of the minor in business program, and manages the business program aspects of the UNH Manchester internship program. His multi-faceted career has included sales/marketing management consultant, healthcare marketing analyst, channels of distribution marketing manager, and economist for the U.S. Labor Department. Mr. Troy received his B.A. in economics from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. He also holds an MBA from the Johnson School of Management at Cornell University. (*M)

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