The New Nonviolence


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Ferber argues that there have been three main phases of nonviolence in action: individual Christian witness and martyrdom; Gandhian mass movements involving pacifism, fasting, meditation, etc.; and secular non-pacifist but still nonviolent mass movements. There have been many successful(and some unsuccessful) examples of the last of these in the last 25 years (e.g., Phillippines, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Chile, USSR, Serbia, Ukraine, Burma). How do they work?


Michael Ferber

Michael Ferber is a professor and director of graduate studies in the English department at the University of New Hampshire. His research interests include romantic poetry, western literature from the Greeks forward, and war and peace studies. He has written or edited five books about Romanticism and a dictionary of literary symbols. When he was a graduate student during the Vietnam War he was indicted for conspiracy to violate the draft law and stood trial with with Benjamin Spock the baby doctor and Rev. Coffin, chaplain of Yale.

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