Dog Star Delicatessen: New and Selected Poems, 1979-2006 (Book Title)


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Reviewers of Mekeel McBride's "Dog Star Delicatessen have said "It is imagination that sets her apart from the ordinary. These are no ordinary poems!" and "The point is how varied this poet can be, a virtue that's worth remarking on in a climate where poets sometimes get praised for doing one particular thing over and over. That may make for intensity, but it soon makes or boredom as well, and I rejoiced at McBride's vigorous variety." (Carnegie-Mellon University Press, 2006)


Mekeel McBride

Mekeel McBride was born in Pittsburgh, PA and attended Mills College, in Oakland, California (B.A. 1972), and Indiana University where she studied creative writing. She has taught at Harvard University, Princeton University, Wheaton College, Berwick Academy, and is currently a Professor of English at the University of New Hampshire.

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