Filthy Fictions: Asian American Literature by Women (Book Title)


Program Description:

Filthy Fictions addresses Asian American literature by women to explore and explode the sedimented and solidified meanings of “Asian Americans” and “dirt.” Crossing disciplinary and institutional boundaries, Filthy Fictions also questions the very ground upon which these arguments are founded. Expertly questioning the construction of the ethnic body, Monica Chiu analyzes critical discourses in ethnic and feminist studies based on the topics of identity (re)production and transnational representation. She talks about constructions of race and critiques racism as well as sexism (and other biases) as they occur in Asian American literature, but more broadly, in society.


Monica Chiu

Monica Chiu is an associate professor of English and interim director of the honors program at the University of New Hampshire. Her research interests include Asian American literature, criticism, film, and twentieth-century American literature.

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