Making Natural Knowledge: Constructivism and the History of Science (Book Title)


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In Making Natural Knowledge, Jan Golinski reviews recent writing on the history of science and shows how it has been dramatically reshaped by a new understanding of science itself. In the last few years, scientific knowledge has come to be seen as a product of human culture, an approach that has challenged the tradition of the history of science as a story of steady and autonomous progress. New topics have emerged in historical research, including the identity of the scientist, the importance of the laboratory, the roles of language and instruments, and the connections with other realms of culture and society. Golinski has written a sympathetic but critical survey of this exciting field of research. (Cambridge University Press 1998)


Jan Golinski

Jan Golinski has a B.A. and M.A. in natural sciences from Christ's College, Cambridge University. His Ph.D. is in history and philosophy of science, from the University of Leeds, U.K. He is a professor in both history and humanities and is chair of the history department at the University of New Hampshire. His research interests include the history of science, intellectual history, and historiography.

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