The Sciences in Enlightened Europe (Book Title)


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Radically reorienting our understanding of the Enlightenment, this book explores the complex relations between "enlightened" values and the making of scientific knowledge. Here monsters and automata, barometers and botanical gardens, polite academies and boisterous clubs are all given their due place in the landscape of enlightened Europe. The contributors examine the production of new disciplines through work with instruments and techniques; consider how institutions of public taste and conversation helped provide a common frame for the study of human and nonhuman natures; and explore the regional operations of scientific culture at the geographical fringes of Europe. (University of Chicago Press, 2007)


Jan Golinski

Jan Golinski has a B.A. and M.A. in natural sciences from Christ's College, Cambridge University. His Ph.D. is in history and philosophy of science, from the University of Leeds, U.K. He is a professor in both history and humanities and is chair of the history department at the University of New Hampshire. His research interests include the history of science, intellectual history, and historiography.

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