Harriet Wilson's New England (Book Title)


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In 1859, Harriet Wilson, a mulatto woman from New Hampshire, published a novel with the stated hope of earning sufficient money simply to survive. Instead, her novel Our Nig; or Sketches From the Life of A Free Black, became a powerful and controversial narrative that continues to touch and unsettle readers around the world.


JerriAnne Boggis

JerriAnne Boggis is the founder and Director of the Harriet Wilson Project and and is the director of diversity education and community outreach at the University of New Hampshire. As a community activist, Ms. Boggis has developed several community programs that dealt with history and race. These programs served to raise awareness of New Hampshire’s diverse heritage and increase the visibility of Black history in the state. Ms. Boggis received her M.A. in Writing from Rivier College.

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