Consumption Amenities in Health Care


Program Description:

This presentation is geared for a general lay audience. Dr. Woodward suggests an important and typically overlooked cause of the rising expenditures. It goes on to argue that no "reform" proposal can be successful if it fails to acknowledge the both the cost of consumption amenities and the value they add to health care services.


Robert Woodward

Dr. Woodward is the Forrest D. McKerley Professor of Health Economics with a joint appointment in the School of Health and Human Services and the Whittemore School of Business and Economics at the University of New Hampshire. His research activities have included the value of improved air quality and weather forecast information to the power and health care industries in New England, the impact of air pollutants and pollen on asthma hospital admissions in New England, studies of the socio-economic factors (race, education, income, insurance, etc.) determining the medical outcomes of kidney transplants, and the costs of diabetes and other infections and conditions following kidney transplantation funded by various pharmaceutical companies. Woodward's international experience includes a Peace Corps Volunteer term in Venezuela and publications regarding industrial incentives in Puerto Rico, health care expenditures in Brazil and in Japan, and improving hospital cash flows in the newly independent Russian states.

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