Misreading Masculinity: Boys, Literacy and Popular Culture (Book Title)


Program Description:

Post-Columbine has been a time when the issues of popular culture and the behavior of boys have generated more heat than light. Using this book as a basis, Tom Newkirk talks with the audience about elementary boys and their relationship to sports, movies, video games, and other venues of popular culture. Unlike the alarmists, he sees these media not as enemies of literacy, but as resources for literacy.


Thomas Newkirk

Thomas Newkirk is a professor of English at the University of New Hampshire and the director and founder of the New Hampshire Literacy Institutes. He has studied literacy learning at a variety of educational levels—from preschool to college. He authored the NCTE David H. Russell Award winning Performance of Self in Student Writing (Boynton/Cook, 1997), co-edited Taking Stock: The Writing Process Movement in the 90s (Boynton/Cook, 1994), and edited Nuts & Bolts: A Practical Guide to Teaching College Composition (Boynton/Cook, 1993).

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