Similarity Awareness


Program Description:

Northeast Passage has developed a program called Similarity Awareness. This teaching series is geared towards students in a school setting. We discuss disabilities and how we are more similar than we are different. This program has videos, books, quizzes, and group activities. This teaching gets children of all ages involved in thinking about an array of subjects concerning disabilities and more importantly allows children to speak out and understand the beauty we all have.


Chandler Bullard

Chandler Bullard is a program specialist with Northeast Passage at the University of New Hampshire and has worked with individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities for the past ten years. The mission of Northeast Passage is to create an environment where individuals with disabilities can recreate with the same freedom of choice, quality of life, and independence as their non-disabled peers. This is done by developing, delivering, and evaluating innovative barrier-free recreation and health promotion programs. Their guiding principles are promoting client independence through education and problem solving, creating opportunities, and collaborating with others to create a strong network of accessible recreation.

Other topics offered by Chandler Bullard