Ecology and Religion: Scientists Speak (Book Title)


Program Description:

Until now, philosophers, ethicists, and theologians have done most of the talking in the dialogue between religion and ecology. In this presentation, Professor Carroll focuses on the definitions of ecology and religion. Ecology is the study of the relationships and interactions between living organisms and their environment while the word religion probably derives from the Latin word ligare, meaning "to join", "to link" or to bind. The prefix re- may mean means “back” or “again”, so religion could be literally translated as “binding back”, or as re-linking or re-joining, or as “binding strongly”. Thus, Carroll concludes, both religion and ecology are very close in terms of their context of interconnectedness, interrelatedness, i.e. they come together in a unity.


John E. Carroll

John E. Carroll is professor of environmental conservation in the department of natural resources and the environment at the University of New Hampshire. In four decades at UNH, he has taught and done research on national and international environmental policy, diplomacy, ethics, and values as they pertain to sustainable agriculture and food systems.

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