Empowerment from Within


Program Description:

Personal power is not bestowed upon a person. True personal strength and leadership are discovered and developed from within. Of course we all learn from others and it is appropriate to acknowledge and be grateful for the wisdom other have passed on to us by their mentoring and special instruction, but to learn from others requires a readiness and an openness on the part of each individual to follow their own curiosity and choose their path.


Dwight Webb

Dwight Webb earned his PhD at Stanford University, and is currently a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Education where he served as a Professor of Counselor Education in the Graduate School for 42 years. He has published 3 books related to psychology: Divorce and Separation Recovery, The Soul of Counseling, and most recently, Building Heaven on Earth: Claiming Our Spirituality. His talks explore understanding the soul and our spirituality in everyday tangible human interaction.

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