Solar Flares and Gamma-Ray Bursts


Program Description:

Gamma-Rays from solar flares are produced by high energy electrons and ions accelerated in the early phase of a flare. The ubiquitous Gamma-Ray Bursts observed by the Swift satellite are produced by myriad mechanisms. They were first observed by Vela satellites in the late 1960’s.


Edward Chupp

Edward Chupp, Ph.D., U. of California, Berkeley, is a professor of physics at the University of New Hampshire. He works in the general area of high energy astrophysics including cosmic and solar gamma-ray/neutron astronomy. He is the lead author of numerous papers on gamma-ray astronomy. Currently he continues preparation of papers on high energy solar physics and is currently working on a paper with the Naval Research Laboratory Physicist’s and French(Meudon) Radio Astronomers.

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