High Energy Astrophysics: What Is It?


Program Description:

High Energy Astrophysics is a broad field dealing with the most energetic phenomena in the Universe including black holes, active galaxies to the big bang. Of particular interest here are the X-ray and Gamma-Ray electromagnetic radiations produced by accelerated electrons and ions at many sites in the Universe such as gamma ray bursts, from galactic and extra-galactic sites, and locally the Sun.


Edward Chupp

Edward Chupp, Ph.D., U. of California, Berkeley, is a professor of physics at the University of New Hampshire. He works in the general area of high energy astrophysics including cosmic and solar gamma-ray/neutron astronomy. He is the lead author of numerous papers on gamma-ray astronomy. Currently he continues preparation of papers on high energy solar physics and is currently working on a paper with the Naval Research Laboratory Physicist’s and French(Meudon) Radio Astronomers.

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