Criminal Homicide; Origins and Remedies


Program Description:

Ted Kirkpatrick and Charles Putnam are Co-Directors of Justiceworks, a criminal justice research and development unit at the University of New Hampshire. Kirkpatrick also is a specialist in homicide studies and teaches a course on the subject at UNH. Putnam, a specialist in law and society and a justice studies professor at UNH, is a former head of the homicide unit and criminal division of the NH Attorney General’s Office. Their talk addresses the many origins of the most serious form of criminal violence: homicide. The pair also address the ingredients of the successful investigation and prosecution of a criminal homicide case. Several real cases, solved and unsolved, are used as illustrations throughout their talk.


Ted Kirkpatrick

Ted Kirkpatrick, Ph.D., University of New Hampshire, is a clinical professor of sociology, co-director of the justiceworks program and associate dean of the College of Liberal Arts at the University of New Hampshire. His interests include security and safety issues in the post 9/11 world, juvenile justice, technology in the justice system, and criminal violence in the United States. He won a Faculty Excellence Award in 2004.

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