Basic Aquatic Safety


Program Description:

Before you begin your summer aquatic fun, learn basic safety principles for you and your children. Whether boating, swimming in the ocean, or installing a backyard pool, make sure you are prepared to handle any emergency.


Linda Hayden

Linda Hayden is an Assistant Director in the UNH Campus Recreation Department where she oversees all fitness (noncredit), American Red Cross, and aquatic programs. Linda has been with UNH since 1986. Her undergraduate degree was in Health & Physical Education (K-12) and her Masters Degree was in Athletic Administration. Linda is a certified instructor in group fitness, and CPR/First Aid, as well as an instructor trainer in CPR/First Aid for the American Red Cross. Linda has enjoyed helping groups with different fitness topics and always looks for ways to engage her audience in active presentations. Having been in the fitness industry since 1981 in teaching and recreation, Linda is open to assisting organizations with any topic related to getting in shape, ways to workout, how to incorporate exercise into daily life, and fitness for all ages. She can also teach certification classes in CPR and first aid or just present informational workshops on first aid or aquatic safety.

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