Body Image in the Media


Program Description:

Maria has provided multiple University talks on body image in the media, and how this effects the increase of weight and eating concern issues among the college population. She has provided talks and information on the recent research around Health at Every size and weight bias, the idealization that weight does not determine health, and how the public can be misjudged on their health status due to this. She has also provided talks surrounding a myriad of nutrition topics such as mindful eating, nutrition for fitness, or a programs surrounding topics that meet your needs!


Maria Caplan

Maria Caplan MS, RD, registered dietitian and body image specialist, has over 10 years experience working in the fitness and nutrition field. She received her BS in Dietetics from The Ohio State University and completed her MS in Nutrition as well as Dietetic Residency from Kent State University. Maria started her career as a fitness instructor after wanting to continue a healthy lifestyle after competing on her collegiate triathlon team. She then worked as a Director of one of the top adult weight loss camps in the US. Recently she has over 5 years experience working in higher education, currently for The University of New Hampshire’s Office of Health Education and Promotion. She provides nutrition and body image education and support including but not limited to eating concerns and health at every size curriculums. Her practice encompasses a mindful approach to wellbeing, giving the body what it needs, and taking into account the mind, body and soul.

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