Making Sense of the US Congress


Program Description:

Of all our political institutions, none generates more negative comments than the US Congress. Even long time observers of Congress are baffled and frustrated by the inability of Congress to address the many issues and problems on the public agenda. In this presentation, Professor Dubnick offers some insights into the current behavior of Congress. His view is that while we cannot "make excuses" for the current state of affairs, we can at least "make sense" of the situation by looking at the history and today's polarized political environment.


Melvin Dubnick

Melvin Dubnick is the author of numerous works on government accountability, administrative ethics, government regulation, and civic education as well as the co-author of textbooks on American government, public administration, and policy analysis. Elected as a Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration in 2010, he has served as managing editor of Public Administration Review (1990-1996), co-editor in chief of the Policy Studies Journal (1985-1990), and is currently co-editor in chief of the Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy. He has served as a Fulbright Fellow as well as an International Fellow at Queen's University in Belfast (2003-2005) and is professor emeritus at Rutgers University where he held a joint professorship in public administration and political science from 1992-2005. An active member of the American Society of Public Administration, he has served as its national conference chair (2002) and headed the ASPA Section on Ethics (2010-2012). He also served as co-chair of the American Political Science Association's Task Force on Civic Education. His work on accountability and ethics is frequently cited and his writing the field of public administration has received two major awards.

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