Assessment of Service Delivery in Business Incubators: Perspectives from Incubator Tenants


Program Description:

Past studies on the quality of service delivery by business incubator managers has been too broad, by failing to identify specific incubator types, or too narrow, by identifying only one or two types. Four hundred and seventy-eight business incubator clients, representing five different incubator types, completed a survey measuring their perceptions of quality of service delivery for organizational, networking, financial, and technological services. The results show that for-profit seed capital incubators are the most successful in delivering services in all four categories. Further, academic incubators are the least successful in delivering organizational and financial services, and private non-profit incubators are the least successful in delivering networking and technology services. These results are cross-tabulated based on industry types, and implications of the results for business incubator managers and tenants are presented.


Kelly Kilcrease

Dr. Kelly M. Kilcrease is an Associate Professor of Business with over two decades of teaching experience on the collegiate level. Dr. Kilcrease has a constant desire to see students apply what they learn by using the classroom as a simulator to the real business world. He believes that it is not enough that students understand how a theory works, they must experience its ramifications and changes within the organization once it is applied. Dr. Kilcrease earned his BA from the University of South Florida and an MBA from Tampa College. He earned his Ph.D. in Management with an emphasis in Productivity from The Union Institute and University. His published dissertation focused on the productive impact the microcomputer has on outside sales forces. Since then he has presented and published in a variety of business areas including business history, teaching effectiveness, tools for non-profit business, and the relationship between the liberal arts and management.

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