Outplacement Services for Displaced Employees: Attitudes of Human Resource Managers Based on Differences in Internal and External Delivery


Program Description:

With its popularity increasing and its costs to employees and organizations being significant, it would make sense that businesses have a good understanding of how effective outplacement counseling is. However, there is little empirical evidence available and this only focuses on the employees who have received outplacement counseling. This study identifies the opinions of HR executives in organizations that deliver outplacement counseling internal and externally. The quality of thirteen outplacement services were examined and showed that internal delivery was lacking. Further, it was found that neither internal not external delivery provide any form of evaluation. Many other interesting aspects were found and recommendations are given.


Kelly Kilcrease

Dr. Kelly M. Kilcrease is an Associate Professor of Business with over two decades of teaching experience on the collegiate level. Dr. Kilcrease has a constant desire to see students apply what they learn by using the classroom as a simulator to the real business world. He believes that it is not enough that students understand how a theory works, they must experience its ramifications and changes within the organization once it is applied. Dr. Kilcrease earned his BA from the University of South Florida and an MBA from Tampa College. He earned his Ph.D. in Management with an emphasis in Productivity from The Union Institute and University. His published dissertation focused on the productive impact the microcomputer has on outside sales forces. Since then he has presented and published in a variety of business areas including business history, teaching effectiveness, tools for non-profit business, and the relationship between the liberal arts and management.

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