Teacher Unions and Public Education: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Program Description:

This program will explore what unions do, the restrictions of the industrial labor model, and how unions impact schools.


Todd DeMitchell

Todd A. DeMitchell is a professor in the Education Department and in the Justice Studies Program. He was named Distinguished Professor in 2010 and was a Kimball Faculty Fellow in the Education Department and the Lamberton Professor of Justice Studies. In addition, he has received awards for teaching and scholarship. He studies the legal mechanisms that impact schools and colleges. More precisely, he studies how the laws apply to schools and colleges and the impact of unions and collective bargaining on education. He has published five books with a sixth on dress codes and school uniforms forthcoming. He has published over 150 law reviews, peer reviewed articles, professional articles, and commentaries. His scholarship has been cited in numerous law review journals (Harvard, Yale, Stanford, UCLA, Virginia & Boston College to name a few) and his scholarship has been cited by the Iowa State Supreme Court and three federal district courts, in addition to being cited in motions before the United States Supreme Court, a federal district court and a state supreme court. Prior to joining the faculty at UNH in 1990, he spent 18 years in the public schools of California serving as substitute teacher, elementary school teacher, assistant principal, principal, director of personnel & labor relations, and superintendent.

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