Spain: A Magical Mystical Tour


Program Description:

Designed to educate those unable to travel to Spain and to give travel ideas to those who will, this presentation provides the attendees to experience and learn through video, pictures, music, and commentary with a whirlwind tour of some of the wonders, legends, and characters of Spain from the beginning of its history to the present day. Included are snippets and insights into the life, history, fiestas, art, architecture, music, sports, and cuisine (pictures and a few recipes only, unfortunately no samples) of this wondrous country.


John Chaston

John Chaston is an associate professor of Spanish at the University of New Hampshire. He currently teaches linguistics and culture and is the director of the UNH Study Abroad to Granada, Spain program. He has lived significant time in Spain including four semesters (1995, 2001, 2006, 2010) as resident director of the semester long UNH-Granada program.

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