Landscaping at the Water's Edge: An Ecological Approach


Program Description:

No matter where you live in New Hampshire, the actions you take in your landscape can have far reaching effects on water quality. Why? Because we are all connected to the water cycle and we all live in a watershed, the land area that drains into a surface water body such as a lake, river, or wetland. This talk will explain how our landscaping choices impact surface and ground waters and demonstrates how, with simple observations, ecologically-based design and low impact maintenance practices, you can protect, and even improve, the quality of our water resources.


Cathy Neal

A specialist in landscape horticulture, Dr. Neal is one of the authors of "The Best Plants for N.H. Gardens and Landscapes" and several other publications. As a professor for the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension Program, she teaches horticulture and conducts research and programs on plant selection and maintenance for northern New England.

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Margaret Hagen

Margaret Hagen is the director of the Family, Home & Garden Education Center for UNH Cooperative Extension. Designed to meet the needs of the general public, the Education Center provides education and information over the breadth of Extension's programs. The center, staffed primarily by highly trained volunteers, offers a toll-free information line Monday through Friday from 9am -2pm; a walk-in identification clinic for plant, insect and disease ID; classes and workshops; on going community projects; and access to hundreds of Home and Garden, Food Preservation and Food Safety informational fact sheets. Margaret is responsible for developing programs and resources; for marketing the Education Center and for overseeing the recruitment, training, support and recognition of its volunteers. From 1986-1999, Margaret worked as an Extension Educator, Agricultural Resources, in Hillsborough County, assisting the local ornamentals industry and providing ornamentals programs to commercial growers as part of a state team. In both positions, Margaret has been responsible for conveying practical horticultural information to the general public through lectures, workshops, a weekly garden column, TV and the Master Gardener program.

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