What Everyone Should Know about Bullying


Program Description:

Many years of research have shown that bullying in our schools and in our society is a much more damaging and dangerous experience for children than we ever suspected. Unfortunately, it's also much more widespread and is occurring at an earlier age than ever before," says Malcolm Smith, UNH Cooperative Extension family life and family policy specialist. The program has the following objectives: To help parents have a clear grasp of the prevalence and impact of bulling in their school and community; To help parents identify common signs that their child may be a victim or perpetrator of bullying; To provide parents with a clear, concise strategy for talking to their child about bullying; To help parents identify common effects of bullying on victims, perpetrators and bystanders; To help parents identify and dispel 10 common myths about bullying; To provide parents with evidence-based information about the current bullying epidemic in our schools and; To assist parents in developing a bullying plan with their child. To schedule this program, please contact Malcolm Smith at Malcolm.Smith@unh.edu.


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