Asian Longhorned Beetle


Program Description:

Learn about this serious invader at our doorstep. If the Asian Longhorned Beetle becomes established in NH, we potentially will suffer millions of dollars in losses by the forest, maple syrup, landscape and nursery industry. Learn how to identify the beetle and damage symptoms. The earlier we discover this beetle in NH, the less it will cost to eradicate it.


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Stan Swier

UNH Extension Professor Stan Swier received his B.S. at Syracuse University, his M.S. at Northern Arizona University, and his Ph.D. at Ohio State University. He coordinates the UNH Cooperative Extension Pesticide Education Program which oversees the training of 1000 private pesticide applicators and the dissemination of pesticide safety information. He is also an entomologist in forestry, turf, and ornamentals, conducting research and extension programs in the area of Integrated Pest Management and sustainable crop production.

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