Guidelines for Speaker Requests

With limited exception, the services of the UNH Speakers Bureau are available only to non-profit organizations, civic groups and schools within the state of New Hampshire. Events featuring UNH speakers should be open to the public at no charge.

3 Per Year Program Limit

Each organization is limited to 3 programs per 12 month period. Speakers provide their time and expertise at no cost, and must balance very heavy schedules. The 3 program limit allows the Speakers Bureau to extend resources to reach as many organizations as possible around the state.

10 Week Lead Time

Requests for speakers should be submitted at least 10 weeks in advance of the program date. Speakers Bureau administrators will make every effort to accommodate requests with shorter planning windows, but a 10 week window is recommended to allow the speakers time to plan and the organization time to promote the event.

Minimum Audience Size (10 people)

Because of the significant time speakers pledge to each event, organizations should only request speakers for events at which a minimum of 10 people are expected.

Organization's Responsibilities


The Speakers Bureau strongly recommends that organizations develop partnerships for hosting programs. Good partnership opportunities in the community may include libraries, historical societies, seniors groups, community centers, museums, parents associations, chambers of commerce and rotary clubs. If each partner organization serves as the primary host for 3 events, this allows organizations to enjoy the benefits of 6 events per year. This also provides additional resources for publicity and audience building. (Partnering organizations must be separate non-profit entities and serve a unique group of constituents.)

Communicate with the Speaker

Once a speaker is confirmed for an event, the host should discuss the following items with the speaker as soon as possible:

  • Anticipated audience size and demographics
  • The goals for the event
  • Directions to the event location
  • An emergency number the speaker can reach someone on the day of the event
  • Audiovisual needs


Speaker evaluations are critical to sustaining quality programming. Click here to submit an evaluation.


Press Release

Once a speaker is confirmed, the organization should begin publicity for the event. At your request, the Speakers Bureau will provide a sample press release customizable for the event. Coordinate with any partnering organization and seek out local newspapers, radio stations, community calendars and bulletin boards to publicize your event. Please give the UNH Speakers Bureau credit in any publicity.

Build and Engage an Audience

Engage staff, volunteers and constituents in the planning and publicity. The more people engaged in the planning and publicity, the broader the reach for developing an audience. Again, because of the significant time speakers pledge to each event, organizations should only request speakers for events at which a minimum of 10 people are expected.


Have a communications plan for cancellations. If you must cancel or reschedule an event because of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstance, please notify the UNH Speakers Bureau, the speaker and any media outlets as soon as possible.