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Shakespeare and Modern Popular Culture (Book Title)

Shakespeare and Star Trek, Shakespeare and Schwarzenegger, Shakespeare and rap, Shakespeare and Superman. What's up with that? In this provocative book, UNH associate professor of English Douglas Lanier explores how and why it is that Shakespeare, perhaps more than any other major literary figure, is alluded to or adapted in so many different ways in contemporary popular culture, and for so many different audiences. His book addresses the history of Shakespeare’s interaction with popular culture and examines examples from many different mass media, including film, TV, comic books, popular fiction, and music. He takes up such subjects as popular representations of Shakespeare the man, tourist destinations and popular performance of Shakespeare, and the function of Shakespeare in advertising. Using this book as a basis, Lanier deftly unpacks the cultural baggage labeled with the "Shakespeare" tag. He invites the audience to think more fully about cultural production, and more seriously about the effects of popular culture on traditional high art. Shakespeare and Modern Popular Culture (Non-fiction, Oxford University Press, 2002, ISBN # 0198187033)

Speaker Name: Doug Lanier
Date: Thursday May 02, 2013
Time: 7:00 PM
Sponsoring Organization: Lincoln Public Library
Location: Lincoln Public Library, 22 Church Street
Contact Person: Emily Burritt [email]
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